Add a box bee visit

So last night I thought it a good time to add a box to each of the hives. It’s been over 21 days which is the honey bee gestation period so this will give them plenty of space to handle all the newborns that I hope will be emerging soon.

Pollen – McE bees have been bringngin in lots of yellow/orage cheeto colored pollen. McK bees which I’ve not spent much time observing didn’t seem to be bringing in as much and it was a bit paler, almost white. But both hives had pollen coming in.

Characteristics – McE bees seemed to be slightly larger and more yellowish. McK bees smaller and darker. Both of these may change once the queen eggs start hatching.

Boxes – both hives had one box filled up pretty good but not a second. That made me think that I may be adding too much space but I’m not sure there’s a downside to that right now. I’d like to error on giving them too much space than too little.

So the McE hive has a total of four boxes. The top box we left for a feeder, the third box (counting from the bottom) has some good comb build up and the two lower boxes are empty….hopefully not for long.

The McK hive did things differently. Maybe it’s because I left a lot of spare comb on the floor of the hive when I set them up. I’m not sure. They filled up the bottom box, not the top box. In the top box they started a little pyramid of comb built from the floor upward. So now they are set up with the top box is a feeder, the next one down is empty with that pyramid of comb, the second from the bottom is pretty full of comb and the next one down is empty. I have a feeling they’ll keep building on that pyramid making that box a bit of a mess. Maybe I should have removed that pyramid but when in doubt, don’t do anything, is my mantra.

In a month or so during June I may add the fourth box. Once that is done it may be the end of beekeeping for the year except for some fall feeding.