Beekeeping – new beginnings

This Saturday I picked up two 3 lb packages of bees and put them into Warre Hives.

This is a new beginning for me. All of my existing hives had died. I don’t know why – some starved, wax moths got one – but I have a feeling it was beekeeper error.

I found the Top-bar hives a bit of a pain in the neck to deal with. There was just too much ‘management’ involved. I didn’t want to go re-arranging comb. Every time I tried, I felt like I did more harm than good. Plus, I just didn’t want to spend that much time monitoring it.

So the Warre Hives are supposed to be easy. We put the bees in no problem. We just need to check on the queen here in a couple days and then in a month or so see if we need to add a bottom box. That just requires a peak underneath. If so, we lift one up and slide it in. Then we do it again – if needed – later in the year.

Finally, in the spring, we’ll take off a box and empty it then add it to the bottom…and keep doing that over and over again. Year after year. I’ll capture some swarms – which I really enjoy. And find homes for them.

At least, that’s the plan. If I find it doesn’t work or is annoying. I’ll try another method of keeping bees.

New beginnings call for new hive names. I’ll have to think about this.