Beekeeping Notes

It’s been a while but I got back to the hives this past weekend. Here’s the updates:

Alpha Hive is doing well. They’ve almost filled up over half the hive and now it’s time for the mid-season shift that Christy Hemingway writes about in her book. I’ll do that this coming weekend. Otherwise, all seems well. There was a bit of cross combing but I cut that out and – since it had some capped honey – gave it to the land owners. They got about a half a cup of honey out of it.

Beta Hive is not so fortunate. It has been struggling and this check I noticed plenty of wax moths in it. I went squeshy, squeshy on them but there was plenty of damaged comb. I’ll keep an eye on them and do some more squeshy, squeshy.

Gamma Hive was calmer than normal. The original mean queen is now up at Alpha Hive so that may explain it. They’ve plenty of stores so I did take a bar. It’s draining now. Very cool.

Delta is far away and I’ll visit it soon. I’ve not seen it since setting it up. The only problem is a griping neighbor has complained to the HOA and it now needs moved. No worries. We have a property close by.

Epsilon Hive appears to be doing well also. It’s a Warre Hive and I went ahead and put the two boxes under it. It already had two boxes. Now, if all goes well, I won’t need to look at it again until the spring.