Best Bond

I sent the below out and the Bond debate got a spirited response.  If you want a quiet day, don’t put down Sean Connery.

December 8 will be the Vodka Martini night at the next Cocktail Experience at the Cincinnati Athletic Club. As the attached invite shows, it is in honor of the 22nd James Bond Film.  I’ve been practicing my martini’s and – much to my wife Alicia’s annoyance – my Bond accent.

I will commit a double blasphemy here in stating that Daniel Craig is the best Bond yet – better even that Sean Connery.  It is a double blasphemy because most say Connery is King and until the 1940s my family held British citizenship and came from Perth, Scotland.  They may disinherit me for saying this.

My quibble with Connery is simple – he’s not that good of an actor.  Need proof?  Well, his defining role was an English Spy…with a strong Scottish accent.  He’s also know for his role in the Untouchables where he plays an Irish cop in Chicago…with a strong Scottish accent.  Many loved him in The Hunt for Red October where he played a Russian submarine captain…with a strong Scottish accent.

Disagree?  Come on down to the cocktail experience to argue with me.