Dracula Thoughts

This novel was a chore.

I enjoyed the first bits – Jonathan Harker heads out to Transylvania and ends up becoming Dracula’s prisoner along with the three women vampires. That part was great: Eager young lawyer Harker slowly realizes a career opportunity is turning life threatening. How many movies have been made on this premise alone? Then Dracula’s passage to England with the ship’s crew disappearing one by one until the ship runs aground and the large dog is seen running from it.

Then we meet the likes of train schedule memorizing Mina and things just get boring.

Bug-eating Renfield offers some enjoyment but as Dracula steps off stage the novel is taken over by some cartoon characters and became a hard to read slog for me. Lucy doesn’t brighten things much. Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Everyone loves Lucy. A cowboy loves her! A peer of the realm loves her! A doctor loves her! And now Dracula loves her. And then kills her.

And I don’t really care. It’s written like a boy’s adventure story. The gang does this and the gang does that. It’s over written and over wrought and still lacking emotion.