Giving up on Dickens

My New Years Resolution to read a work of Dickens a month through 2009 has died.  It died a slow death and finally gave up the ghost on page 243 of Oliver Twist.  Oh, I’m sure it’s great an all, but the kid bugged me.  The people bugged me.  Silly Victorian elements bugged me.

I tried to salvage my resolution and switched to – WATCH a work of Dickens a month so I netflixed up Polanski’s recent Oliver Twist.  That died 27 minutes in when I couldn’t understand a thing that Ben Kingsley’s Fagin was saying.

So now I’ve switched over to reading the novels of Dashiell Hammett.  There’s only 5 novels.  I picked up a collection.  I’m into the Thin Man.  There’s only 82 years between the birth of Dickens and Hammet.  Almost 100 years between the two novels.  Not much more than between today and the appearance of the Thin Man.

From Oliver Twist to Nick and Nora.

This world spins faster than astronomers tell us.

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