Journalism Ethics/WaPo’s Dana Milbank

On of the things I learned when I started writing for various publication is “journalistic ethics”.  I committed a couple of faux paus (not that anyone held it against me).  But I realized they had some of the same silly (and over-thought rules) that other industries have (including my day job).

A couple of stories reminded me that the small fish play by the rules while the bigger fish play by their own rules.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank has a write up of Pres. Obama and the planted question.  I didn’t see the presser, but by Milbank’s description, it seemed pretty obvious the questioner was a plant.  Is obvious plant less harmful?  I think so, but then again “the whole world is watching” including much of the world without a free press.

A story that really angers me yet didn’t get so much attention is the rescue of NY Times Reporter David Rohde from the Taliban.  The New York Times (and other media sources) hushed it up to protect Rohde.  Good for them.  I just wished they used the same restraint when they endangered are American military personnel such as their disclosure of NSA wiretaps and Treasury Department money tracking.  Good posts on this here and here.