Mid-August Bee Notes

Sad day.

I looked at Alpha Hive last weekend. They are doing AOK. It is a center entrance Kenyan Top Bar Hive. For my birthday, the girls got me a book all about it and I did learn about one thing I didn’t do that could have hurt the original hive that didn’t make it through the winter.

Gamma Hive is strong and bustling. It’s so strong and bustling that I didn’t even feel like getting into it so I let them be…for now.

Delta and Epsilon Hives are very low-maintenance so I leave them alone. Nothing to report there.

However, Beta Hive is the sad news. Wax moths took refuge into the hive. I squashed some but the bees should have been able to handle it. They seem to have rebounded quite well over the last few weeks. I was happy. There was a point where I thought they would die. Today, a perfect bee day I went to it and saw….nothing. Very few bees. I went back a few hours later. Nothing. A few hours later, nothing. I opened up the hive. They’re gone. Obsconded. Out of there. What is left behind is the ugliest, more horrible looking comb and hive that I’ve ever seen. Wax moths basically eat the wax up and defecate it out. They must have overwhelmed the bees and the bees finally said, to hell with this and left. I couldn’t find a swarm anywhere but I trust that they’re out there and that’s really the point – increasing the bee population. I just wish I knew where they were at.