My night with Harry Connick, Jr.

Alicia and I continued our anniversary with a Harry Connick, Jr. concert last night.  I walked away feeling somewhat low.  Connick is witty, likable, charming, multi-talented, and is married to a former Victoria Secret model.  i consoled myself by saying “My God is a just god and thus Mr. Connick most likely has no stamina in the bedroom.”

That’s it.  Feel better by tearing down others.

But, really, a great show.

Scott Sloan Listeners

Hello Scott Sloan listeners!

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Anniversary Dinner

Strange as it may seem, Alicia and I forgot our anniversary was upon us.  She remember noon Saturday.  I quickly thumbed through some magazines to pick a great restaurant.  We didn’t have a reservation, but after the staff consulted we were seated at Slim’s.  Our quick review.  Go there.  Soon.

Cincinnati Magazine rated it #5 in the city.  Last year we went to a higher rated one and were disappointed by a magnatitude of 1000x.  Slims is it.

Like Taking Candy From A ‘Tween

The city where I live has a long tradiation of trick or treating the Sunday before Halloween.  So my house is now filled with candy.  I realized.  I realized something:  there’s something especially sweet about swiping a little bit size candy bar out of my daughter’s pumpkin tote.  It makes her so mad.

Missing the Action?

Much of my news writing is done via email.  Most times, people write better than the speak…and I don’t have to take notes so fast.  It gives me the leisure to write it up at the dining room table.

But every so often, I need to go out to an event.  Other freelancers I speak with (and a few editors) tell me to show up, get the basics, get out then write it up.  But I can’t do that.  Paranoia – as always – compels me to stay.  What if something happens?  Something big?  Then I mindlessly submit my story and look like an idiot.

I’m convinced that I’ll be the guy who ducks out early from Ambassador Hotel just before Robert Kennedy say’s “My thanks to all of you and now it’s on to Chicago and let’s win there…”

However, I’m just covering a simple story that will earn me a little check and be forgotten…but just in case, I’ll be there to the end.

The Great Divide

Politicians, marketers, and demographers have tried for years to divide people according to income, race, creed, geography, etc.  One of the reasons it’s done is to explain economic status.  However, I think I’ve found the divide that seperates the economic scramblers from the economic success – the ability to return a phone call…or email.

I deal with people of varying degrees of wealth every day.  To paraphrase Fitzgerald, the rich are different – they return their calls.  They respond to their emails.  They realize the next money making idea can come from that call or email.

I’ve found that people with little or meager resources usually can’t find the time to reply to most things-  until they need it and then they need it NOW!!

Just an observation.

Stay you.