Past weekend’s bee notes!

Alpha Hive. They’re going gangbusters. They’ve built up a respectable amount of comb and I gave them a bit more room to build in.

Beta hive was still struggling. Then I got involved and now they’re strugglign more. The problem? I have a bunch of honey comb which I left outside thinking Beta Hive would clean up of any pollen and honey and then I’d render it down into wax and make cute candles.

What happened? Another stronger hive from someone smelt it and went after it AND Beta Hive. Beta fought back but they’re struggling more. I stopped the robbing of their hive by this other hive by getting all that comb under cover and placing a wet sheet over Beta Hive. The robbers eventually lost interest. I took off the sheet and I’ll just have to hope my bringing trouble to their neighborhood wasn’t the death blow.

Gamma. I didn’t get to them.

Delta. My dad says they’re going AOK. I need to stop asking him. It’s a Warre Hive and should be fine on it’s own.

Epsilon. Another Warre Hive. I fumbled with it and probably pissed off the bees. They’ve not built too much comb. I’ll probably give them some more room at the end of July when I check on them.

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