The Michelada Beer Cocktail

Here’s one for lovers of beer, Mexico and things spicy…the Michelada, a classic beer cocktail. But first, don’t be put off by the ingridents. They come together in a flavorful, refreshing way that’s perfect for a lazy summer time evening.

First, start with a glassful of ice. Squeeze in 1 lime. Add two bar spoons each of Worcestershire sauce and Maggi sauce (soy would be ok), then one bar spoon of hot sauce. Next pour in 3 ounces of Clamato and over that empty a nice 12 ounce Mexican beer.

Most use a light one but I used Dos XX Amber Lager. It gave a bit more body.

Finally, crack some pepper over the drink.

Yes, I know. Clamato? Yes. It works. Trust me. It works. And mix it up. Create your own Michelada. That’s what they do in Mexico.