The Russian (Bees) are here!

This week my two orders of Russian bees came. In the past I’ve ordered Italians but since I’ve had little success with that breed, time to change it up.

In the McEwen Hive, we had some serious interest from some wild bees. They looked to be moving in. They stayed a week or so but by the time the two packages of Russian’s showed up they were gone. So in when the Russians. And they were absolutely easy to install.

The next day I put another package in at the McKee Hive and had the same easy. I’m still hoping to keep some for Hooper and Koewler Hives. And hoping those installations go just as easy.

One big change I’m doing this year is that I’m feeling the living heck out of these guys. In the past I’ve tried to go full blown hippie dippie natural. Let the bees be. And they’ve all died or absconded. No more of that. I can’t handle the disappointment. These bees or now going to go on full Swedish welfare. Lots of feeding, especially in the spring and then later in the fall. I’m going to make them fat and not want to leave. They are going to go into the winter with as much honey as possible. And as strong as possible.