War and Peace – Book Four My 2019 Reading Project

Andrey is feared dead but is not but then his wife dies in childbirth.
Pierre gets into a duel with his wife’s lover and loses his fortune to his wife.
Nick loses big at the gambling tables and has to have daddy bail him out.

Book Four is full of sadness. What the battlefield didn’t take, fate and stupidity does in book 4.

We learn more about men and Man in this chapter as the characters are buffeted and tossed about by their flaws and somewhat held steady by their virtues.

Tolstoy does such a good job of not creating characters but real people – with shadings of good and evil. Bad guys aren’t all bad and good guys have terrible faults.

I’m so eager to find out what happens to these guys.


This is a brilliant guide, btw: https://medium.com/@BrianEDenton/a-year-of-war-and-peace-cc66540d9619