War and Peace – Book Seven My 2019 Reading Project

Book Seven is wall-to-wall Rostov’s and that pretty much means spending your money and blindly avoiding your problems.

Why is War & Peace so long? Book 7 has six chapters of the Rostovs hunting wolves. It’s good….but six chapters.

And that strikes far too close to home. Fortunately, I learned while the Rostov’s, especially the Old Count doesn’t seem to. Now he gets to face that dread of impoverishing your kid or busting his dreams. Very depressing. But the small r republican in me remembers that most of this money is stolen from the people over generations so then I don’t feel too badly but still. I have a little sympathy for Nick and Sonya as they may have to learn to do with only one house and two servants in their old age.

I’m reading the book on Kindle and while I find it very compelling I do marvel a bit as I see the little meter at the bottom only register 44% read….oh, my. How much further I have to go! What’s going to happen? But no fear!


This is a brilliant guide, btw: https://medium.com/@BrianEDenton/a-year-of-war-and-peace-cc66540d9619