I write. I write fiction and I write non-fiction.

My blog posts on my writings are here.

If you want me to write non-fiction, I charge you. My specialty is financial writing but I have done a wide variety of projects. I’ve done everything from TV commercials to blog postings to advertorials. See my public portfolio here. If you want more of my recent, private writing, I can provide that on a case-by-case basis.

A list of my non-fiction is below and you can purchase them via the links at the sidebar.

My first completed novel is Wrath. I’ve also written a series of novelettes called The Prescott Carmichael Jaunts. Descriptions for each are below.

Wrath – the life and assassination of a United State Governor
He was a man who needed killing. He destroyed lives, usurped power, undermined democracy and was a murderer. He was William Goebel, the 34th Governor of Kentucky, a man unafraid to turn the Bluegrass blood red in his pursuit of power. Goebel is still the only governor in United States history to be put in the ground by an assassin’s bullet. Wrath – the life and assassination of a United States Governor is the tale of the people and forces that shaped William Goebel into a autocrat, Kentucky into an armed state and the man who delivered the final act of retribution from the barrel of a muzzle.

Spoon: A Prescott Carmichael Jaunt

Just fired and sitting in a bar, Jake Gibb gets a phone call. It’s a job offer from the mysterious investment advisor Prescott Carmichael. Jake soon learns providing ‘client service’ involves more than answering the phone or filling out forms. When a historic spoon goes missing, it’s up to Jake Gibb and Mr. Carmichael to figure out the ‘who’ but also to learn the unnerving ‘why’.

Love on the Rocks: A Prescott Carmichael Jaunt

What’s this business with the feather? Whatever it is, it’s busted up Daisey and Gus’s engagement days before their wedding. Their parents call in Prescott Carmichael to help get the kids back together. Mr. Carmichael sends Jake Gibb to gather intelligence. And all Jake wants is a drink. Do the kids get back together? Does Jake get his drink? Buy and read to find out.

Sazerac: A Prescott Carmichael Jaunt

Jake Gibb’s new love needs some bonds to help her daughter make a tuition payment. Unfortunately her ex- has them. Jake goes to visit the ex-, the ‘excitable’ Austin Nichols in Kentucky’s Grant county. Mr. Nichols is an off-the-grid beekeeper. Jake is determined to get the bonds but will he get stung in the process?

Haunt: A Prescott Carmichael Jaunt

It’s an easy assignment. Jake Gibb is sent by his boss Prescott Carmichael to babysit a scared client who is claiming to be haunted by ghosts. Instead of a bored fall evening chit-chatting with a client, Jake Gibb is caught in a family squabble that will shake his faith in non-belief.

Dirty Pictures: A Prescott Carmichael Jaunt

A lost phone. An old gun. An old girlfriend. A new girlfriend….and Prescott Carmichael. Jake Gibb is sent into a lion’s den of a big money family by his boss to help an old friend find a lost phone with compromising photos.Find the phone and win a new client is the idea. But Jake could possibly lose his new love when she runs into his old love.

Gumshoe: A Prescott Carmichael Jaunt

With his boss, Prescott Carmichael, out -of-town for a mysterious reason and best girl both out-of-town for an even more mysterious reason, Jake Gibb has some free time on his hand. That is, until a client approaches him demanding some of Prescott Carmichael’s renowned ‘client service’. The service? Find out if his wife is cheating. Jake takes on the job but learns more about himself that the suspected adulterous.

Macomb County Water Tower #2– a short story

Standing atop a water tower with a six pack of beer, a man contemplates his wife and his life after a hallmark of their love is obliterated. He has two paths to choose from: He can fall  surrender to the bleakness that he sees around him or he can take action to put right what has gone wrong.

At his age, does he have the will to change the direction of his life…when despair is a much easier choice.

Daddy Issues
– a novel

In suburban Kentucky a flawed, selfish man, Wagner Seibenthaler, builds a life for himself. He appears to be a success with a loving wife and a young daughter. He owns his own business, has contacts at city hall and friends on the police department.

Yet when the realities of being a suburban husband and father in the twenty-first century intrude into his fragile psyche, cracks appear, pressures build and the resulting explosion rocks the Kentucky landscape.